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Lighting techniques, composition, and the proper equipment are all necessary to produce high quality images out of camera. Capturing these images is often only the first step in the process when creating breath-taking portraits.

With each of these images captured, there is often something more hidden. In the post processing phase, we take the time to correct blemishes, adjust the tone of the images by manipulating the shadows and highlights present in an image, as well as apply a color grade for that final artistic flare as well as to boost the desired look and feel of the image. 

Use the arrows on the image box to the right to toggle between the image as it is uploaded from the camera and the final image after post processing. 


To the the left is a cropped in view of the image from above, depicting each step in the process. Once you have clicked on the image deck, you may also utilize the arrow keys on your keyboard to toggle back and forth between steps.

STEP 1 - Out of Camera

After out portrait photography session, we upload all of the photos in our system and identify the best shots. From our system, we will making any minor necessary tweaks to white balance as well as image exposure.

STEP 2 - Blemishes

We all have blemishes and they are nothing to be ashamed of; however, if you would prefer to have blemishes removed, we can provide that service to you. This service will show up on your invoice and will be charged for each photo the service is provided for. The removal of blemishes is not important to everyone, but if it is to you, let us know.

STEP 3 - Highlights and Shadows

By making adjustments to the intensity of highlights and shadows in an image, we can set the tone of time image to capture a more intense feel or create a more ethereal look to the image. These changes are often what makes an image "pop" the most and stand out from how it was originally captured.

STEP 4 - Color Grading

Color grading is used to capture the desired mood of an image. In the color grading step, we will adjusts the hue of the shadows, mid tones, and highlights to set the mood of the image. This is not the same as applying a filter or using a present. This process is done manually to each photo to ensure the final images are cohesive in their appearance.

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